Dupont chroma clear. I The PPG supplier didn't impress me Reaction score Thier bc are almost impossible to not go on well PPG water borne is an easier transition for less experienced painters ArmorPoxy has all types of commercial and residential flooring solutions from warehouses, hangars, hospitals, and factories; to garages, basements, and bathrooms Showing all 5 results Grid view List view I live up in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 7900s clear wet sanded the 2nd last coat of clear before final clear, then buff and CHROMACLEAR® 7900S™ MULTI-USE CLEARCOAT Product Details Packaging Information MSDS TDS Description A two-component, urethane clearcoat designed for spot, panel and overall repairs Related products Location five coats of DuPont Chroma Clear The car was baked and painted in the most advanced booth with airless drying technique for long lasting gloss and finish We use a three-part DuPont ChromaPremier sealer process This is not my first time applying a rattle can finish, with that said I know I am applying 5 2 If you like PPG 2002 ( was my favorite until I found spi) you will love the HS I say use the Dupont Dupont Chromabase Can anyone Trick is with a ChromaOne Activator Qt Add to Cart He waited until after he completed the rest of the exterior to apply an Eastwood trunk spray, and sealed it with a single coat of DuPont ChromaClear Let's start an idea engine and transform the world together Playfield Clear Coat - ChromaClear? Share this! By Matt_johnson 6 years ago Hello everybody I do get a pretty thin finish, w Traditionally, cellophane & acetate were derived from natural materials and were used for all sorts of art applications, overlays and printing Once deemed appropriate, DuPont 3050S ChromaClear clearcoat is applied Frank, thanks for the reassurance Cromax DuPont XK203 - бърз втвърдител за лакове Cromax DuPont 3550S, Cromax DuPont 3750S и Cromax DuPont 3800S 8,849 The base sprayed fine, but when i sprayed the clear it seemed to spray well but in the end there was severe orange peel, to be honest the clear seemed like honey in the can considerably thicker than the chromabase i sprayed prior Furthermore, what do you do after clear coat? Part 1 of 2: Buffing a clear coat In August 1926 Irénée du Pont, vice chairman at E Amo Products Lacquer Dupont 4 The finish took as long as lacquer to dry, and had to be wetsanded before each finishday to gas off 944-8051 Viscosity Flash/Dry Times Flash Between Coats: 10 - 15 minutes Dust Free I have lots of REF EN 3801SR-2 p 1-5 Description 2-component clear based on Low Emission resin technology, to be used in clear over base system, specially designed to obtain Peugeot Rouge Babylone (LKR) colour in a DuPont Refinish basecoat quality DuPont ChromaBase system com As far as buffing it,is not bad as long as you get on it in about 10 to 15 hours The body of this Nova is rust-free and shows the factory Olympic Gold color beneath a layer of DuPont’s ChromaClear that was used to “clear” the OEM base/clear finish Axalta Centari 95 Fairywill Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Adu DuPont 4910S™/4940S™/4970S™ 2K UltraProductive Primer-Sealer with Plas-Stick® 4950S™ Flex-Additive ChromaPremier ® 42410S ™ /42440S ™ /42470S ™ Sealer ChromaPremier ® 42410S ™ /42440S ™ /42470S ™ Sealer with Plas-Stick ® 2350S ™ Discover fantastic products from Dupont for fantastic salon quality choices I have a couple of quarts of DuPont ChromaBase paint ( Surf Green and Fiesta Red ) HDPAINTCODE A palette of thirty-six special-effect ChromaSystem™ factory-packaged basecoat colors that use DuPont's revolutionary MIRROMETRIC™ technology About Coat Dupont Clear Temporary Hair Colour The As the world and our interactions grow more complex, so do our challenges Kevin Wiles laying down 3 coats of Dupont brand ChromaPremier Clearcoat, after the 4 coats of Base The surface was sanded with 1,500-grade paper, then polished with a DuPont rubbing compound on a wool buffing pad DuPont ChromaClear LE 5400S Snap Dry 30am to 6:30pm DU PONT Supplied Paint Product: DP3760S/5 Mix one quart of catalyzed and reduced 401-20™ with Dupont Chomasystem Paint 1gal 10, 2011, DuPont Refinish introduced three new, standard setting 2 Congratulations to the BETATECH™ thermal conductive adhesive team for winning the gold at the annual #EdisonAwards ceremony LE5100S™ The resulting colour can be either cold £82 Add They buff great, u know how PPG's 2021 gets rock hard after awhile and is more difficult to buff, the 72200 and 72500 seem to buff good anytime MS has different levels of clear P7241 Can only compare it against HOK paints and single stage SW paints Outstanding topcoat hold-out thanks to excellent flow and high gloss hardener 5 hr @ 70;F; 10 min (total cycle time) @ 120;F) and ultra efficient - the energy savings alone makes this clearcoat more profitable to use My Account Step 5: Tape delicate surfaces ChromaClear® 7900S™ 10 630 "It's like a rock in there now, though; it really helps 00 excl Then, we use a three-part DuPont ChromaPremier primer Duxone 734228 It had a look of always being wet which I loved chromaclear® g2-4700s™ ultra productive air dry clearcoat A three component, express dry clearcoat designed for spot and multi-panel repairs And since I cannot assure a totally clean room My name is Dustin Fax: 01623 636389 dupont clear coat £69 7 ChromaPremier® 12385S™ 15-20% 465 Item #: 7765S -4 Image not available Discussion Cromax DuPont May 18, 2009 #1 I am not sure abaut information of this product but, is possible that it will be good for small repairs or coat any cu Our TED@DuPont series explores some of the best ideas from across the DuPont ecosystem, from the chemistry of everyday life to innovations in food, “smart” clothing, and more dupont chroma clear 7600 (lacqure) dupont chroma clear 7600 (lacqure) 0 /5000 từ:-sang:-kết quả (việt) 1: sao chép! dupont chroma rÕ rÀng 7600 (lacqure) I'm getting ready to paint a friend's car (80 Capri Drag car) and he gets a real good deal on Dupont paint Additive I have used Dupont's Chromapremier clears 72200 and 72500 Cheap Dupont Material: Gray tweed with titanium suede inserts I shoot Dupont and PPG and PPG's 2021 clear will shame all dupoint clears to death Only show this user Masih ada lagi, produk Sparco yang kental dengan nuansa race juga tak luput jadi fashionnya, seperti yang I painted my 64 Chevelle Torch Red It applies more like solvent Good for quicky car lot paint jobs 0200 Max Meyer HS Clearcoat Lacquer 5ltr Brand names like Duco and Dulux are commonly known- “Duco” is used in Australia as a generic eponym for all automotive paints DuPont ChromaClear 7900S Multi-Use Clear Gallon Item#: DUP 7900S 01 ChromaClear 7900S is a versatile, two-component, urethane clearcoat for use in spot, panel and overall refinishing of OEM base/clear finishes 1 product ratings - DuPont 3800S Chromaclear VOC 5 litre Clear Lacquer Clearcoat Chromax, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like Prep work is key Fish Eye Eliminator: ¼ - ½ oz 459S™, V-459S™ or 659S™ per RTS quart 7 grams DuPont ChromaClear® 7900S™ Multi-Use Clear + DuPont Automotive Finishes c dupont chromaclear $116 2 Fast Flash & Low Overspray Model No Accelerator: ¼ - ½ oz V-389S™ per RTS quart PREMIUM CUSTOM FINISHES DuPont I use holly wood tints, pro tints, dupont tints and work with the dupont chromaclear system as my base and top coat We then wet-sand the frame ChromaSystem™ Technical Manual n Step 8 Thread: Dupont Chromabase use 7704 (primer) than one of the sealers (7710,7740,7700) to lock in the prep work shoot it with the base than recommend G2-7779 clear Dupont Magna Thin - 12 SKU: DP3700S/5 Categories: Dupont, Lacquer Well, I use Spies Hecker 480 high tech water base Automotive Industry DuPont DuPont USA List Price 444 Note: For ChromaClear® 4500S™, 4700S™, G2-4500S™, G2-4700S™, 7900S™, and ChromaPremier® 72200S™ 72400S™ and 72500S™ Clearcoats, simply add 2 CHROMACLEAR® 1/7 AUS 3050S-0 This Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous issues DESCRIPTION 2-component clear based on Low Emission resin technology, to be used in clear over base system CHROMAPREMIER PRO EXP CLR COAT They are top notch and yes there is a difference Ultra productive (air dry: 1 DuPont 2K Value Lacquer Pack 5lt Clear VR-1120, 2 × 1lt Hardener VR-1132 Cromax du Pont, had developed Duco finish, a quick-drying, durable, inexpensive, and colorful automotive lacquer SkylineFan We are Paint for Boats, a company making sure that your dream boat always looks mighty fine 0 oz 19379S™ per RTS quart SpectraMaster - Color Atlas is an exciting new tool that allows you to explore color, save palettes and order samples 804 776-6215 Features Spot, panel, overall repairs i recently sprayed a car over with chromabase/chromaclear system heres some background info : I have Chromabase with Dupont 7900 clear Chroma base and clear to me seem much easyer to use Cromax 3750s 2k Ultraproductive Voc Clear 5lt Dupont Clearcoat Lacquer Wicked Opaque Colours are made for coverage and spray opaque X I have allowed the bc to dry for a few hours and then sprayed the clear 40 DUPONT ART GALLERY; CONTACT Re: Dupont vs Yes its best stay with one system and using nason clear over chromabase should be exceptable, i believe nason is dupont? paint toad would probably know It provides easy application and good build in two coats, and is well suited for cross-flow and downdraft booth conditions Technique and personal preference must also be thinking of going white with dupont chromaclear on the roof and trunk following the first crease in the quarter panel just behind the front door, and dark blue for the rest 6:1 mix ratio 1 VOC Clearcoat H-19466 10/03 DuPont Plas-Stick ® 2320S Plastic Cleaner H-1935 2 05/02 Dupont Chroma Clear Multi Use 7500S Urethane Clear Contents: acrylic resin, butyl acetate, 123- 85-4; methyl ethyl ketone 78-93-3 ethyl acetate, 141-78-6; propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate 108- 65-6 xilene 1330-20-7, aromatic hydrocarbon 64742-95-6 when mixed contain: aliphatic polysocyanate resin and hexamethylene dissocyanate monomer 28182-81-2 Dupont Chroma Clear Multi Use 7585S Please know what you are doing before you clear coat AIS Stronglas™ – A very high-grade tempered glass Some of the economy speed fast drying clears will look somewhat hazy and not feel very slick, until you buff them out XK 203 5 398 They applied a coat of DuPont Chroma in a Ford white, then applied masking tape and sprayed the black, finishing everything off with three coats of DuPont Chroma clear, a urethane product 4 2 (after shipping) Is there a problem with the mail order paint ? Anyone had any problems? I know enough to order with paypal so if I There should be a pic or two in my VBGarage This is some of Check with your jobber as Dupont used to have a flattener Suitable for all repairs: from minor damage to overall respray Dupont chromabase paint any good FlyingGiants DU PONT Supplied Paint Specifications It was the same paint code off of the 2000 corvette red Axalta Fleet Color Table I use HOK mostly (137$ a gallon is relatively cheap for good clear!), but also use Dupont's Chromaclear over Dupont basecoat 51 CHROMAPREMIER PRO CLEARCOAT GA At the very least, I use DuPont ChromaClear as my standard clear topcoat It is based on the patented Hyper Cure™ technology which revolutionizes energy savings and productivity renda1007@yahoo [/list] Download Here pdfsdocuments2 com Paint gt Basecoats Johnson Supply Company 888 722 1717 944-8050 4 grams ChromaClear® 79X5S™ (X=7, 8 or 9) 3 857 Fast drying: 15 min/60°C HS clear from Southern Poly Urethanes ( SPI) you will not find a higher solid content clear on the market The special interlayer increases the tolerance to greater loads while enabling a design of aesthetically pleasing and complex elements 4 / 1 New dark metallic blue base with diamond crystal pearl midcoat and 3 coats of dupont chroma clear Fish Eye Eliminator: DuPont 459S™; use 1⁄ 4 - 1⁄ 2 ounce per ready-to-spray quart [*]Paint used Siekkens 2k Advanced with Dupont Chroma clear Bassett, general manager of the Buick division at General Motors Corporation (GM) with a proposition the code 75 medium red for my car is $120 Tthe Nitrate based stuff and it works flawlessly 3800S DuPont Chromaclear VOC Lacquer Clearcoat 5Ltr Dupont Chroma Base Color Chart 10 cotobaiu, 848 0 0 0checkmate com 7 0clecontactlenses com 4 1000 stars ru 3 1001boats com 5658 1001 vdv ru 4 1001 villa holidaylets com 2596 10kvacationrentals com 4 123counter, our company is a provider of advanced sensor and chemical detection solutions based on mass spectrometry the 1st detect miniature Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion NASCAR DECAL #24 DuPONT PATRIOTIC SCHEME 2010 IMPALA JEFF GORDON 1/24 COKE 600 08-25-2009, 07:06 PM #3 List Price 404 ChromaClear® 4500S™, 4700S™, G2-4500S™, G2-4700S™, 7500S™, 7600S™, and V-7500S™ Clearcoats Flatteners Flattening agents are not recommended to flatten ChromaLusion ® Colors Anyone got some numbers to start with? Dupont clear coat [/list] Dupont Eclipse Econo Eyecare Solutions Eylure Fiesta Sun Fiske Footsie Funky Fobz Gelish Gellux Gel Illusion Gena ghd GiGi GlamTech Goldwell Griffin Habia HairTools Hairtensity Hair U Wear HandsDown Head Jog Hempz Henley Medical Hive of Beauty Hi Brow House Of Famuir I du Pont de Nemours and Company, wrote to Henry H This is the first time I've used polyester Eksterior: carbon fiber body kit custom, wide body custom, Custom Yellow Spies Hecker base coat painting dengan 4 layer Dorado Pearl by House of Kolor dan Multi layer clear coat by Dupont Chroma Clear 3800 HS, JGTC-style cutting sticker, towing eye Sparco, trunk pid Sparco, bonnet pid Sparco Pada pintu dengan Autoloc hide hinge system, kemudian melapisi Custom Yellow base-nya Spies Hecker base coat dengan 4 layer Dorado Pearl by House of Kolor dan Multi layer clear coat by Dupont Chroma Clear 3800 HS yang diakhiri dengan guratan racing cutting sticker ala Japan Grand Touring eBay Anyone who's ever finished ash with nitro knows what a time consuming, labour intensive job it is to grain fill, and then apply enough build coats to get a surface ready It looked killer with Dupont's Chroma Clear on it View Details 177 Item #: 7005S -4 Materials Needed We have a heritage of p Playfied clearcoated using Dupont Chroma Clear 7600 5 Basecoats 24 to 48 hours Picture courtesy of Hoss805 5 coat application, and will rapidly cure into a durable surface 91 1 Quart of DuPont Nason Urethane Activator 421-17 (NAS483-87/Q) 1 Gallon of DuPont Chromaclear G2-7779S Multi-Mix Panel & Overall Clearcoat (Urethane Clearcoat DPSG27779S/G) 1 Quart of DuPont Chromabase Activator-Reducer (80º F - 90º F) for Chromasystem 4:1 (DPS7785S/G Reaction score 7800s is the high glammor clear and it is the the better of the clears G2-7779S™ втвърдител заз лак I refinished my cockpit table with it G2-4700S from Cromax is a low emission solventborne clearcoat with very fast air drying attributes or express bake clear coat Application enhancer: ¼ - 2 I have seen many playfields ruined by poor touch ups and poor clear coats I have a body with about ten coats of Dupont Chromaclear on it, it rings like a bell! have no fear, if the sound is bad, it's not the finish! ~Michael As far as yellowing, you can take a car that's been cleared with Dupont Chromaclear and put it beside a car that's been cleared with Nason 497-00 clear, and not tell a difference except for the price in clears If you decide to stay with Dupont BCCC suggest you consider your color in Duponts Chroma Premier I bot a pint of each the Chroma base and premier using metalic formula for test spray out and the premier was much richer looking and covered with far less coats com CHROMACLEAR® VOC ROUGE BABYLONE This Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous issues I found out after painting the car that Dupont is in the procress of refining the 1 to 1 reduction recommendation for Chromabase DuPont ChromaPremier ® 32430S 2K Premier Primer H-19368 07/02 DuPont 3250S Primer H-1903x 02/04 DuPont ChromaPremier ® Basecoat H-19315 06/02 DuPont ChromaPremier ® 72500S Premium Appearance Clear H-19366 10/02 DuPont ChromaClear ® 2400S 2 You would be fine with the 7900S or the new 4-1 clear that replaced the 7500 ” After this product (the sealer, applied with 1-2 coats only) has dried, I Scotchbright this layer, clean it with Prep-Sol and then apply successive coats of Dupont ChromaClear Urethane #7500S 2018 News 0 If the clear is not thinned enough then it tends to stay in place more What primer do I need to use if topcoating with Chroma Base and Chroma Clear LE (7500S)? The car was primed with PPG K36 It is a restoration clear Since this is a catalyzed finish, each coat to coat and a half takes up one full day in my limited shop I painted my cobra with dupont chroma base and clear com All items up for bid are 100% new and complete Mack Book DuPont™ ChromaClear® VOC 3800S is a high quality clearcoat especially formulated for a deep impeccable finish to your best quality paintwork Great build Shop with confidence Dupont Cromax Car Paint; Glasurit Car Paint; Max Meyer Car Paint ; Nexa Autocolour Car Paint; PPG Car Paint; RM Car Paint; Sikkens Car Paint; Stand $192 Technicians identify the DuPont™ ChromaPremier® 2K Premier Sealer as the most reliable in the industry My Hair & Beauty Shop have a wide selection of hair & beauty products to buy online 00 + $4 I will say that Dupont Chroma Clear works very well also Subscribe / Thread Tools Just my opinion One more question - what brand of clear coat are you using with the ChromaBase? And are you using that brands reducer 203 May 27, 2008 99 Dupont Magna Thin Fishing Line 250yds Boxed New Multiple Test Crystal Clear I will find out more when I go back to the jobber next week W carbon fiber body kit custom, wide body custom, Custom Yellow Spies Hecker base coat painting dengan 4 layer Dorado Pearl by House of Kolor dan Multi layer clear coat by Dupont Chroma Clear 3800 HS, JGTC-style cutting sticker, towing eye Sparco, trunk pid Sparco, bonnet pid Sparco DuPont is well known for its manufacturing of paint It is recommended for spot and panel repair applications View Details DuPont™ ChromaClear® 7900S™ Multi-Use Clearcoat DuPont™ ChromaPremier® 72200S™ Product Clear DuPont™ ChromaPremier® 72500S™ Premium Appearance Clear Fluid Tip Size (mm) 1 i recently sprayed a car over with chromabase/chromaclear system This auto paint requires three products: the color, a reducer to thin the color to 253443 / 288654 253435 / 253436 253428 / 253429 289231 (Hyper Cure™-Air Dry) Clearcoat Inlet Pressure (PSI) 35 29 16 30 DuPont ChromaBase system Color Codes Dupont 864 Cross Reference PaintRef com DuPont™ ChromaClear® HC-7600S™ Fluid Tip Size (mm) 1 M Search: Dupont Clear Coat Brand & Colors: DuPont Dark Cloisonne Blue with high-satin pearl We're innovators in purification and separation technologies, setting industry Ultra Productive Voc Clear Retarder: Not required Does this mean Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge Watch the talks And the Chroma clear finish system wow! You, the end user, have the ability with Chroma clear to adjust (or omit) the amount of flattening agent Ive been using the dupont chroma system for a few years now and i ran out of chromaclear g2-4508s activator (4507 4528 or 4509 work as well with the 4700 clear coat) and the 7160 basemaker I am currently using Dupont Chroma Clear on my cues, but that booth that was posted a couple of weeks ago by Brianna looks appealing to me Joined Dec 8, 2003 · 41 Posts www If the new stuff is as good as the 7500 I'll stick with it It never is a bad idea to use quality paint Only Bondo fillers were used The picture to the left profile picture is California English Walnut finished with Chroma Clear We have several search tools, listed above, that give you more efficient methods to reach the information that you need Dupont color chart automotive paint 70 pcc 1 impression ChromaClear® HS is a particularly effective solution for carbon fibre when used over PercoTop CS399 Clear Carbon Fibre Sealer DuPont A-7480S Acrylic Trim & Jamb Clear is conveniently packaged in an aerosol container to deliver Quick Dry High Gloss Convenient, Easy Application I got it from a buddy of mine On Oct This car has been completly gone through What DuPont ChromaClear do you use? 7500/7600 and where do you purchase it? Chris I use 7500S Logged Print; Pages: [1] « previous next » Pearson Yachts Forum » Pearson Boats - Common Systems » Product: DP3700S/5 I spray it all with SATA guns and bake everything in a hot box Good luck, Jake Sorry to everyone that has seen these images a million times, maybe this summer I will get ne material! Also I can show what the front looks like Facebook; Twitter; Google+; LinkedIn; Tumblr; All colours are made up of combinations of different pigments Air Cap Pressure (PSI) dupont chroma premier and chromabase 95 $100 01 ea Qty PRODUCTS 3050S ChromaClear® 256S Activator Fast AK260 High Solids Activator XK203 Low Emission Activator Fast We thin DuPont Chromabase with regular old Home Depot brand Acrylic Lacquer thinner More 7 1 It ended up being a pretty *** close match to the factory 00 a quart in chroma base, and like $70 malibu350 · Registered ICI NEXA 596 2K ArmorPoxy offers exterior and interior products from roofs, parking areas, balconies and walkways; to garages, basements, gyms and more Appearance enhancer: up to 1 oz 19379S™ per RTS quart That's part of my reason for using Dupont I need to buy some Dupont Chroma clear and I see there is a BIG difference between my local Dupont distributer and what I can buy it for on Evil Bay, about 45 Easy and reliable application in 2 coats with short intermediate flash off Now the frame is ready for painting fairfeild texas You can get different activators for faster dry time Dupont Up for bid is 1-Gallon of Axalta/DuPont Chroma Premier 72500S Premium Appearance Clear, 2-quarts of Axalta/DuPont Cromax Chroma Premier Pro 14305S Activator and 1-Gallon of Axalta/DuPont Chroma Premier Pro 14385S Reducer 222 Posts It is very slow compared to the Axalta group LINKS; Chroma of colour Dupont ChomaBase - GM Olympia White 1gal It’s mixed at a ratio of 4:1 ChromaClear® CC611S stands out for having an excellent leveling and gloss in the finish, capable of adapting to any climatic and process conditions; quick drying, easy to polish, and with a very versatile mixing ratio Somebody mentioned that it was environment friendly Great stuff! New dark metallic blue base with diamond crystal pearl midcoat and 3 coats of dupont chroma clear Ultra Productive High Temp Acti 2 You can achieve either a stunningly The “quarter panels, hood, trunk, and doors match original stamp codes,” the seller says, adding that “no panel (or floor) replacements have been done on my Nova Thinning clear allows it to flow out more providing a smoother finish ChromaFlair is a pigment used in paint systems, primarily for automobiles The green guitar posted above was finished 7 years ago with rustoleum Metallic Green and Krylon clear gloss According to Cost Helper, the cost for a single-coat synthetic enamel paint job ranges from $300 to $900, with an average of $566 Better hiding also reduces consumption Automotive Body amp Exterior DuPont DuPont USA dupont chromabase, cromax pro, 7900S chroma clear is great to spray Better hiding also reduces consumption Discussion Starter · #1 · May 23, 2004 However, I know absolutely nothing about UV Finishes, so I have a few questions: 1 Edmond, Oklahoma Does anyone have either good or bad experience with this the 72500S? The local supplier seems helpful and knowledgeable and willing to help a first time painter my guy sold me a gal setup 110 out the door chromaclear hc-7600s will be doing compleat car Picture Information 20lt Drum Lacquer I do store my paints and clear indoors in the winter lotus - dupont® colour library lsl595j lotus paint code colour dupont ref code dupont fiche number primer shade value finish comments b01 monaco white ab n9149 n9149 1 mono b02 black 47600 m1698 7 mono b03 calypso red ab k9197 k9197 1 mono b04 lotus new racing green (l The colours depicted on the following chart are for guidance only dupont chromabase, cromax pro, 7900S chroma clear is great to spray Dupont Color Chart Library ChromaClear A three-component clear for use on spot, multi-panel and overall repairs of OEM base/clear finishes I then sprayed the entire fairing with 3 coats of dupont chromaclear, followed by wetsanding and buffing The four basic types of auto paint are acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, acrylic urethane, and water-based Multiple coats flash between each coat This clear is designed to increase production by maximizing vehicle throughput; and it 46,816 5 1 Ultra Productive Chroma Clear Hs PPG D800 Clearcoat 5Ltr Enjoy seamless coverage when you shop temporary hair colour and semi-permanent dye today, whether you're touching-up your roots or transforming yourself for a night out Our multi-platform expertise provides customers materials science, design, manufacturing and processing solutions Axalta Fleet Crossover It is drying to a slightly rough, orange peel surface for some reason Hello everybody Dupont CromaClear medium activator 79855 Mix ratio 3:1 This is $1,000 worth of paint, $350 + shipping In addition, the clear coat offers a high gloss result Here’s a tip for you serious model builders/kit-assemblers: Nothing covers like Dupont Lucite brand (lacquer) and Dupont Chroma brand (urethane) car paints £190 Silver Member Automotive clear coat works quite well I use Dupont Chroma Clear for my high gloss finishes on stocks, there are some things you need to know but it will work very well if you learn the correct process April 26, 2022 Dec 14, 2010 · Dupont has a ChromaClear 7900S Multiuse Urethane and a 7779S MultiMix clear T DuPont announces the launch of a new ChromaClear® CC611S polyurethane transparent brand, ideal for workshops with high production in insurance work With 3800S is easy to achieve an ultimate appearance Show Printable Version; 01-02-2006 #1 Spies Hecker, one of the global refinish coating brands from Axalta Coating Systems, develops optimum and practical paint system solutions and colour tools that can make bodyshop work easier and more efficient URETHANE JAM CLEAR GAL r Considered one of the most innovative breakthrough technologies, BETATECH™ is used by EV manufacturers to help control temperature in #EV battery pack assembly During the early 1920s DuPont and GM, both under the leadership of Pierre S After the basecoat, here comes the Clear Jul 3, 2012 #7 Orange peel can be minimized by turing up your air pressure to atomize the droplets better Find the best option for you by filtering $19,846 The frame is hand-sanded, flattening the old paint and removing decals About Dupont Coat Clear I have use Sherwin Williams many years ago with good results, but as Pin-It stated, the regulations force changes in the products available 72200 may be a better choice if you do not have a booth Bob K This is also screwing up my activator Step 1: Soak the sandpaper Recommendations are to be used as a starting point reference and are not an absolute application for all refinish material brands This will burn into the primer and also a good base for the clear Nails Express IBD IBX INCredible Indola Intrinsics Ion Jack Dean Jaguar CHROMACLEAR NON STOP CLEAR COA When the paint is applied, it changes color depending on the light source and viewing angle Thread starter fiolledapool; Start date May 18, 2009; fiolledapool AzB Silver Member Dupont Basemaker 7175S midtemp Mix ratio 1:1 1gal It is a one for one mix so after mixing a quart of clear and a quart of activator you have 64 oz of sprayable product as comparison I just shot some dupont chroma clear and only had 40 oz of sprayable product (4 to 1 mix) Jun 18, 2009 #4 T Imron Metallics Green/Blue 00; Gallons Compare; 7480S-1 If you have alot of money, the high solids Chroma premier (forget the numbers) would be a good choice, but you cant buy only enough for one car Of course, keeping the boat functional and operational is necessary, but working on the inside of the ship doesn’t mean that the exterior must look 3800S DuPont Chromaclear VOC Lacquer Clearcoat 5Ltr 3 084 50 30 50 69 info@globalfinish dupont chroma premier and chromabase DuPont has 135 material (s) in the MatWeb database Engine: swap engine 4G63aT, turbocharger TD 04, Rally Art Fly Wheel, titanium muffler Eksterior: carbon fiber body kit custom, wide body custom, Custom Yellow Spies Hecker base coat painting dengan 4 layer Dorado Pearl by House of Kolor dan Multi layer clear coat by Dupont Chroma Clear 3800 HS, JGTC-style cutting sticker, towing eye Sparco, trunk pid Sparco, bonnet pid Sparco RAL Classic Colour Chart DuPont A-7480S aerosol clear is designed to be versatile and it has excellent application and appearance for a 1K acrylic clear Chroma Color’s growth strategy includes robust organic and inorganic growth having made nine acquisitions Seats: Honda Civic bucket seats with the headrests cut off Back to Manufacturer List Soupcan928@aol Snow It's expensive but I get incredible clarity and that 'dipped in glass" look when it's properly flat sanded and buffed out Cromax 3800s 2k Clear Voc Chromaclear 5lt Dupont Clearcoat Lacquer Yesterday I shot some ash guitar bodies with polyester sanding sealer Nobody makes aftermarket forged clip-ons It was painted with 4 coats of Dupont Chroma Clear over 5 coats of Dupont Chroma Base on top of 2Kprimer/surfacer and Chroma Seal Eksterior: carbon fiber body kit custom, wide body custom, Custom Yellow Spies Hecker base coat painting dengan 4 layer Dorado Pearl by House of Kolor dan Multi layer clear coat by Dupont Chroma Clear 3800 HS, JGTC-style cutting sticker, towing eye Sparco, trunk pid Sparco, bonnet pid Sparco DuPont A-7480S aerosol clear is designed to be versatile and it has excellent application and appearance for a 1K acrylic clear Us All yachts and boats need constant care and attention to maintain their pristine condition Add £ 149 It is specially designed to provide outstanding cure So often Pelham Blue can look like Inverness Green if the clear coat has yellowed heavily DuPont Item #: 7405S -4 Product: LDRUMLAC So, as far as I'm concerned, it's back to the Sherwin Williams Ultra 7000 series Info This top-quality clearcoat is used almost effortlessly, allows for a very quick 1 ChromaClear® HS is a two pack low emission clear based on acrylic copolymer and a unique, patented “star” polymer technology I'm no expert on painting, but that is the exact clear I'm using over the Chroma Premier base coat that I am using Find quality products at Salon Services online Flex Additive: Plas-Stick® 2350S™ Flexible Additive Weight Volume (cumulative pt) ChromaPremier® 72400S™ 6 245 FEE: ¼ - ½ oz V-459S™ per RTS quart and it will hold up longer in the long run Free shipping DuPont™ Cromax ® Waterborne Basecoat is used as the factory-applied coating on the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage production line Bright White Teleblaster_1 Former Member List P Amo Products Products Lacquer Dupont Ultra Productive Chroma Clear Hs · XK203 45 Compare; 74500S-1 Flex additive: 2 oz V-2350S™ per RTS quart 0 Likes Description Product Description Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts Composition based on acrylic copolymer dupont clear coat Share #8 · May 29, 2006 I then switched my clear to "Rubber Seal" brand clear(Dayton Ohio) and was really impressed I e-mailed DuPont today and 7900s is the clear that they recommended 70; Gallons Compare; 74700S-1 Nason Ful-Thane Chart Step 4: Continue wet-sanding with higher grit sandpaper Most brands of paint the (especially the two your deciding) are durable enough and the color issus isnt really a issue Joined Jun 12, 2009 Posts 106 Location Chandler, AZ Flex additive: 2 oz 2350S™ or V-2350S™ per RTS quart 00 6 ChromaPremier® 12305S™ 3 378 you should really give the dupont chromapremier 72500s a shot, it is 2-1-10% mix, so a gallon goes a long way, and it lays out super nice and easy handling, remember the chromaclear is a cheaper brand of dupont clears, and i loved the old 7900s, but the new 7779s(g2) which replaced it is not nearly as good, way to fast even with the slowest Interior Extras: B&M shifter New headliner and carpet7900s clear wet sanded the 2nd last coat of clear before final clear, then buff and polish ChromaClear® HC-7776S™ Multi-Mix Snap Dry Clearcoat shares activators with DuPont™ ChromaClear® 7779S™ Multi- Use Clear I suggest that you follow the tech sheet and see if you can use the primer as a sealer also Kelley s Paint Store Bucyrus Paint and Guns It revolutionizes energy savings and productivity They do develop a solid hardness, but never as hard as Automotive (as Jason stated above) xtremestylez · Can I drag it???? Joined Jan 16, 2006 · 707 Posts If so, mix it per the instructions and lay down a coat of sealer over your properly cured and prepped (sanded and cleaned) primer About Hover to zoom Kerry 2001 MTI Z07 422CID MKIII Delivered 3/8/07 Non donor 347 carb build Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dupont 3800S ChromaClear VOC 5 Litre Clear Lacquer Clearcoat Chromax at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! ChromaSystem™ Technical Manual 1 Description ChromaClear® HC-7600S™ is the world’s fastest air dry/low bake clear that has low overspray and fast dust free attributes Posts DuPont™ ChromaPremier® 2K Premier Sealer High-performance sealer for premium quality spot, panel and overall repairs $152 02 ea Qty List Price 431 Yeah, Nason is the cheaper line of Dupont's stuff A solventborne basecoat designed for spot, panel and 1 VOC clearcoats designed for use with DuPont Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat ) ab k9349 k9349 5 mono b05 norfolk mustard ab n9561 n9561 1 mono DuPont announces the launch of a new ChromaClear® CC611S polyurethane transparent brand, ideal for workshops with high production in insurance work alibaba #1 Lacquer, Lechler If it makes you feel anybetter ive use Imron Page DuPont™ ChromaPremier® Basecoat Delivers trouble-free application and superior appearance I am using DuPont Nason acrylic clear in an aerosol can as the top coat for Chroma Base You will see there is 2 different HS clears 222S has been around since the days of laquer and still suggested for use by Dupont with both Chromabase and Chromapremier In the bottom layer, a reference probe is sealed in Dupont Chroma Clear, which is oxygen impermeable, serving as a reference channel for the correction of temperature or illumination effects $258 Slixx NASCAR 1260 Step 2: Wash your car , Clear Gloss 2,323 $22 99 ($0 Product: DP3750S/5 g £59 their 3:1 clear is as much as chromapremier Now my problem is this $147 01 ea Qty I started back on 1099 in Fall of 2006, at which point I didn't like how the paint was adhering so I took it back down and redid it in the original red using Dupont Chroma Color/Chroma Clear DuPont™ ChromaPremier® Basecoat Delivers trouble-free application and superior appearance Only show this user NOTE To Winning Bidder: If you would like to substitute the 2-quarts of DuPont™ 3571 Blend Member Dielectric , the dry time was dramatically extended which opens up more possibilities of problems 7765S™ / 7775S™ / 7785S™ / 7795S™ New headers with 3" exhaust and new mufflers BASECOAT Axalta Coating Systems DuPont Automotive Finishes Cromax The interior was an upholstery kit from Southeast Studebaker, and of course the stainless was polished and other metal re-chromed You should be able get good results with chroma base and chroma clear The displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browser and pearl or metallic colours cannot be shown adequately Nevertheless, acrylic urethane paints are a lot more DuPont recommends that the clear coat be polished within 48 hours, before it cures too hard Jul 8, 2015 vat I am flabbergasted 00 in nasson, my painter sugested using nasson paint and chroma clear, i dont think i want to save money on the paint i mean whats it gonna take to paint a 73z 3 quarts tops?? whats your opinion? Oct 13, 2010 ChromaClear Activator Qt Good vertical stability 8 grams Plas-Stick® 2350S™ 1 907 Looks good n dupont chromabase eBay I worked New black custom sewn seats and doorpanels to match original The car was entirely build from scratch even though it was in good shape dupont chromabase, cromax pro, 7900S chroma clear is great to spray dupont chroma premier and chromabase Participant I just dont care for it Not gonna pay 200+ a gallon for MS without knowing if I'll like it or not To enhance depth of color and provide a custom look, Ful-Thane® 401-20™ Integrated 2K Urethane clear may be used The bar end weights have an This page has links to all data sheets in MatWeb for the manufacturer DuPont good choice, clear is exspensive, along with chroma base The only problem I found was that in direct sunlight (here in CA it happens a lot) it blinds you a little 366 Posts That particular clear was reccomended over other dupont clears when I told 09 4 Plas-Stick® 2350S™ 0 I prefer Dupont products for overall BC/CC projects I used all new Honda bar end weights View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Registered User Join Date Oct 2005 Location New Washington, IN Posts 1,510 this in conjunction with AIS Securityplus – Reinforced by a layer of DuPont Sentry Glass™, AIS Securityplus is up to five times stronger than conventional laminated materials What DuPont ChromaClear do you use? 7500/7600 and where do you purchase it? Chris Cromax XK203 I want to cut it with lacquer thinner or acetone, but, since DuPont wants you to use their god - awful exepensive reducer, they give you no idea on thinning ratios There's a DuPont, Ditzler and PPG equivalents, because in the day all of them sold touch-up paint to crash shops for Step 3: Begin to wet-sand the clear coat When I spray the clear it doesn't look right Hs Christine Elsdon 05 It buffs and keeps it's gloss much NASCAR DECAL #24 DuPONT PATRIOTIC SCHEME 2010 IMPALA JEFF GORDON 1/24 COKE 600 50 I polished them to Honda's standard, maybe a bit nicer and clear coated them with DuPont Chroma clear And everything in between since 1938 Its top shelf and very affordable 65 shipping + $4 Some guys like "billet" stuff (which is not made from a billet) but I think they are cheesy alongside these one piece forgings Honda went through the trouble to design and specify With three coats of colour on all of the exposed areas, it was left to dry for 15 minutes with a booth temperature of 22–25 degrees Clearcoat 5lt Made with opaque lightfast pigments and a durable resin, suitable for interior application and exterior application with a top coat clear applied over Wicked Colours, such as UVLS Clears CHROMAPREMIER BASECOAT The DuPont 3050S is a two-component clearcoat, which is part of DuPont’s Low Emission range of products 0300 Max Meyer HS Clearcoat Lacquer 5L Browse our selection of temporary & semi-permanent hair dyes and mousses for a high-quality and vibrant finish In the mean time I finished a 16 year remodel of the house, three years of landscaping and bought SB 1442 to race Dupont Chroma Clear Multi-Use V-7575S and even though the results were as good as the S Dupont Number Org Color matching is great if ever needing to repair 65 shipping It can also be used over solventborne and waterborne basecoats including Centari® 600 and Centari® 6000 Fairywill Electric Toothbrush - 21 Dupont ChromaClear 7900S 1qt Click to expand any experience with using Dupont Chromaclear instead of varnish? It looks good but not sure how it will hold up Whether you work on frame-up restorations in your garage, or projects like refinishing wheels, interior upgrades or maintaining the appearance of your everyday ride, Dupli-Color wants to be there with you Door Panels: Wrapped in tweed with speaker pods built in DuPont Automotive Chroma Color Corporation is a technology-leading specialty color concentrate, color masterbatch supplier delivering critical aesthetics, technical innovations, and sustainable solutions to plastics processors and brand owners Apply clearcoat with Plas-Stick® 2350S™ FLexible Additive A mid-level paint job with a higher-quality paint and additional prep work like removing rust and dents can range from $1,000 to $3,500 with an average of $1,316 17 inch american racing rims and new tires 0-2 Fax: 01623 636389 It is a high quality clear, easy to cut and buff 5 / 1 3-1 $20 Johnny Blaze if you decide to stay with dupont bccc suggest you consider your color in duponts chroma premier i bot a pint of each the chroma base and premier using metalic formula for test spray out and the premier was much richer looking and covered with far less coats Urethane paints are newer than enamels, are more expensive and more trouble, but they lay down easily like lacquer while having the toughness of enamels 1 Ditzler/ PPG Number Replacement Dupont# Fender Years Car Years CarM Make Lake Placid Blue metallic Lucite 2876-L 11711 882-91242L 60-73 58 Cadillac The computer should give them the mix for the modern offset Video of the color change effect Cromax 2k Lacquer 5lt Clear El500 Dupont Imron Fleet Line Clearcoat 01-14-2008, 12:06 AM LE1165S™ / LE1175S™ / LE1185S™ / LE1195S™ #42 · Feb 28, 2008 ck 2 said: I am considering using Dupont ChromaClear 7900S over my ChromaBase paint £38 It is Chromax Pro and Standox Standoblue in a different label It was created at JDS Uniphase and is used by DuPont and PPG Either purchase online 24hrs a day via our e-commerce site, or if you prefer: Phone Orders On: 01623 636384 between 8 We're meeting the world's energy needs with products and innovations that make adoption of solar energy faster, easier, and possible for everyone 2000410 2000 Air Cap Pressure (PSI) Inlet Pressure (PSI) Fluid Tip Size (mm) Air Cap No They are not meant to imply that any given air cap/fluid tip combination can not be used to successfully spray any given refinish material Very pleased although, mixing the chromabase 1 to 1 required a few extra coats in my situation COM 80 Glasurit 888 Como Clearcoat 5L Interior But I also found an April product bulletin saying that DuPont will continue to supply 7900s until June 30, 2007 which of course has passed I'd give that a try if I could have the 1st gallon for free I've never used Dupont, PPG only and I have a couple of questions If you are on a PC cl Like x 1 Red Hot sunglo, dupont 834807k, this step was pretty critical, as anythign over one coat over the gold resulted in a color that was much darker than factory Ppg paint ChromaClear® HC-7776S™ Multi-Mix Snap Dry Clearcoat has a combination of unique attributes: good gloss, ultra fast deep cure, fast out of dust and low overspray DuPont Chromabase Paint TriFive com 1955 Chevy 1956 I started to build the playfield, new post, new plastics, new rubbers, new ball guides ChromaSystem Non-Stop Activ Qt heres some background info : I suggest that you follow the tech sheet and see if you can use the primer as a sealer also Frame is cleaned with the DuPont PrepSol to remove oils, grease, impurities Just go with Dupont Joined Nov 3, 2007 Look fantastic with products from My Hair & Beauty Shop Wicked Opaque Airbrush Colours are water-based, acrylic, multi-surface airbrush paints suitable for any airbrush project and spray-gun application Read reviews for Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All in 1 0 When Dupont developed their Mylar brand of polyester films, artists, architects and engineers now had a virtually indestructible film to replace the cellophane and acetate they had been using After cleaning out all the nooks and crannies with abrasive discs, he coated the trunk in DP epoxy primer, with brush-on 3M joint sealer 2 Air Cap No ChromaClear 7900S provides easy application and good build in two coats, and is well suited for cross-flow and downdraft booth conditions I'm in the process of selecting paint and matching primers for a 67 Camaro Right now I'm leaning toward the DuPont Chroma system with the 72500S clear coat Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts \