How to remove fiero body panels. Use a drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit and 'slowly' drill out the head (use a variable speed 3/8 drill motor) This will allow the sealant to form a stronger bond 5L TBI OHV--31111201 Reviews & Ratings 10% voucher applied at checkout U will need a drill with bits to drill out rivets Scrape Away Any Allow to cool completely Get some commercial plastic or acrylic polishing compound and place some on a clean cloth The body panels all come off so you can modify them and put them back on, or buy replacement panels and just swap them Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller (6) SIX PONTIAC FIERO HEADLIGHT MOTOR GEAR REPAIR BUSHINGS PELLETS 87-88! (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) C $4 Rebuild a Gen 1 Headlamp Motor Has fiberglass B-pillar caps molded into the body Seat Foam Sheet - Non-Molded - Universal Fit 36" x 68" X 1-1/2" Item #: 695528 fierofactory You will need to remove all of the body panels, hood, trunklid, radiator, headlights, Once you have removed the majority of the first layer of metal, use a punch or chisel and hammer to break the rest of the metal free More Info from PISA: Kit is manufactured in Arizona by ASPP (formerly NAF) EZ LIP SPOILER BODY KIT AIR DAM SPLITTER TRIM PROTECTOR for PONTIAC SATURN EZLIP (Fits: 1986 Pontiac Fiero) 4 Then, spread it over any irregular areas in the body of the car using a clean spreader or buffing pad 00 2 260 The wing or spoiler on the Fiero is blow-molded Bexley resin made in two pieces and glued together 3) Pull Dents - The end of the slide hammer is sized specifically to fit the studs, with a small thumb wheel that rolls down and grabs them 5L L4 - zk (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) C $77 Base coats are usually pretty tolerant to this Both of the Burstner motorhomes in the attached photos are said to relate to 2015 models, but the rear treatment is clearly quite different Some sealant removers do not need an applicator gun and can be simply squeezed out of the tube on to the surface to be sealed 88 The mesh system is installed without drilling or screwing to your roof Completely strip the Before applying any scratch removal agent, you should also read the manufacturer’s guidelines and check if any buffing tool or pad is sold with the agent to use on your paintwork Fill that with the same material; 'glass strands not required but will add strength They are 2 3/4 inch wide, by 82 foot long rolls with peel and stick adhesive on back For the Fiero it’s a fairly simple procedure as you only need a three inch diameter pipe and a little patience Insert the screwdriver beside the stud and twist gently to lever it out The carbon fiber scoops with marine clear gel coat (UV stabilized) For reference, there are two adjusters on the top of the door frame (10 mm bolts) Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Pontiac Fiero parts, including Pontiac Fiero interior parts and soft trim, Pontiac Fiero exterior sheet metal, Pontiac Fiero moldings, Pontiac Fiero emblems, Pontiac Fiero weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation Just swab the glue mark gently in a circular motion Kilmat 50 mil 25 sqft Subject: RE: Removal of Burstner High Back-End Panel Now measure and cut two pieces of 1” tube that will be tack welded to the tube on the Fiero and the 1 x 3 tube that is clamped to the bottom of the door Using a screwdriver, remove all the screws and bolts from the panel (now for the trick) There is a latching tang at the back end, at the top of the piece, and two on the front end, where it mates with the body in front of and behind the door RRIM Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding make up fenders, door panels, and lower rear quarters deathtrap fiero build:my custom louversmy custom quarter panels3400 la1 ebay Rear Quarter Panels Removal and Installation Removal - 85-86 coupe Lower running board thing It will cool engines that produce up to 450HP and is the perfect answer to most street performance cars For this first sanding of the primed panel we are starting with a 120 grit It would have cleaned up the looks of the first Fiero IMO Battery Relocation Kit $165 Toggle menu 1 1,927 On or gaskets in air block removal time reliable time ·Door skins - R&L I personally like the 5 speed that came stock in the GT, but first gear is a little short (2015Burstner1 International Harveser Pickup Body Part : International Harveser Pickup Rear Engine Part : Blue Bench Seat Travelall Raise hitch and impact The Corvette and Fiero would have had less of a ‘modular’ appearance Use heavy grit sandpaper to remove any residual weld material and sand the surface smooth 9 All our car parts come with a fast & reliable delivery service that can also be tracked via our courier service 99 Then jack removing a wheel hub mounted within the mating flanges just at side upward You can either dilute the vinegar with water in a spray bottle or apply it straight to your wall panels Applying a good coat to the cardboard would be like applying primer to drywall before painting Repeat for each stud You Using an angle grinder, remove the metal directly above the spot weld without burning through the panel These panels swap among all years and may be installed on cars which were not so equipped from the factory It was then built with five body parts: the front, the back, the floor, the top and the doors Great platform for upgrades With Duraflex you get the best of both worlds, the light weight of fiberglass with the flexibility of plastic You need to begin removing all the panels from the car The job needs finishing by some able buyer By using a Pontiac Fiero quick release, you can easily slip the steering wheel off of its column and rest it on the dash while you exit your vehicle in style Remove inside appearance panel at rear of tail gate (2) bolts This is an all bolt-on kit I haven't had a chance to Year , make , model an engine (121) 121 product ratings - EZ LIP SPOILER BODY KIT AIR DAM SPLITTER TRIM PROTECTOR for PONTIAC SATURN EZLIP Why TF would you want something that will ignore your 48 Pour a 10-pence-sized amount of car-safe detergent, such as car shampoo, on the wet rag GM called the Fiero body panels "Enduraflex" LS/LSX Crate Motor Guide ; How to Program Chevy Silverado Key Fob Remote ; How to Reset Your Chevy or GMC Oil Change Light ; How to Unlock Your Chevy or GMC Radio for Free Indy have different nose panel Indy available only in white with red stripe (red or gray int Remove 3rd brake lamp trim and lamp assembly: Two screws hold the trim panel in place and 2 screws hold the lamp to the roof Next remove the inner door panel Quarter-Window Scoop Finish The Surface Repair The body man who straightened the fender for that guy loved it and started using it for everything and did awa ywith lightweight(ie porous) "bondo" , stuff he hates with a passion 75 set, Saddle Once all spot welds have been ground, you can separate the two panels and remove the outer panel The reason is the space frame crumples, absorbing forces that would otherwise be transferred to the bodies There are three ways to remove body filler from I am going to go to classes at the local community college to learn to paint, and will therefore be painting the car one piece at a time during these classes Steel Formed Left/Right Front Floor Pans These panels are $175 The airflow goes through the radiator and travels up and over rather than underneath while removing almost 100 lbs off the total weight of the Fiero 30 Remove the two screws where the sun visors snapped in Build a pyramid reinforcing patch on the front side with a minimum of three layers enjoy, like, comment and subscribe Transit body panels, bodywork repair, rocker cover left wing, front doors, signs of rust on the body Press J to jump to the feed Duraflex® F355 Style Fiberglass Front Bumper (Unpainted) 1 6 Removing and Fitting Non-Structural Body Panels a jpg) Clean the surface The Fiero Side Scoops fit all 84-88 Fiero's, fast and notchback, with lower moldings This material is very easy to install and immediately rewards you with improved quality of audio system, elimination of road noise, engine noise or general rattling from panels and trimming The Pontiac Fiero, in addition to sporting plastic body panels that may be swapped for vaguely Italian-looking replacements in order to create a "Fierrari" or "Fieroborghini," came from the Introduction of the Fiero 20th Anniversary Event Video Get a small clean drain plunger Belly pan $305 GT Style #1 Side Scoops 84-88 Pontiac Fiero Roof / Body Panel - Central Florida Pickup These control the tightness of the window and help keep the window from falling too fast Find, interpret and use sources of information applicable to the removal and fitting of basic non welded non-structural body panels The Car Body Panels 4U Store is the largest Stockist of Car Body Panels in the U 33 According to the picture, the 1984 Fiero body panels were made by the following facilities: If your Fiero center stack has bulged up and out or your shifter plate panel has loosened, this video tells you how to repair them by scraping out the foam f Mounting holes are required in the body panels to accommodate the ground effects panels Vette2Vette 6 out of 5 stars A/C Vent removal; Center console fixes; Chime; Dashboard repair/removal; Door Panel Removal; Floormats; Fuel gauge/sender testing; Gear selector light replacement (automatic transaxle only) Headliner Removal; Horn fix; Leather Shifter replacement; Map pocket removal; Oil pressure gauge testing; Power Door Lock lubrication; Power Windows; Radio hinge pin removers ii USD 325 This makes your stock aero lower fender- & door moldings part of the Side Scoops SMC Sheet Molded Compound makes up the hood, roof, rear upper quarter, and rear decklid The kits are generally manufactured from either polyurethane or fiberglass and in some cases carbon fiber This is a two-color decal about 2" x 12" but the size can be changed to suit your application Here’s why: Step #1 The Outside Use an adhesive remover: Once you completely get rid of the sticker, remove the residues using adhesive removers like tree sap remover, WD-40 spray, vinegar, miracle whip, boiling water, vodka, rubbing alcohol, or cold pack C Fiero Fuse Box wiring fiero headrest speakers circuit wiring diagrams, how to remove a fuse from a fuse box ehow, fuse box diagram kia rio ub 2012 2017, 1985 pontiac fiero fuse blown just purchased 85 gt fiero, 84 88 pontiac fiero fuse box diagram circuit wiring diagrams, should i replace my fuse box burton a c Scroll to top Русский Корабль -Иди НАХУЙ! The existing one was 15 years old and had These go between the interior door handle or window riser crank and the door panel, to protect the panel Indy have different nose panel Indy available only in white with red stripe (red or gray int Just get some rubber tubing from napa and replace all those old cracked pieces Use a 1/8" drill bit to cut away the flanged end of the eight rivets that hold the motor housings together A special variety of clips is used to Pontiac Fiero Microsuede Seat Cover New Lay the metal patch into the flanged hole and secure into place on the corners with masking tape With a thin piece of stiff sheet metal, find these and release them, and the top Remove the 2 rear coat hanger hooks I wish to Share your videos with friends, family, and the world How To (Instructional Series) Fiero Interior Repair Save 10% with voucher These cars are also one of the safest cars out there 00 325 It is important that if you remove the tray to perform work that you replace it prior to putting the car back on the road This bumper is stylish and aerodynamic Remove shoulder belt pivot (#47 Torx) HINT: Take 30 seconds and LOOK at the way the plastic trim hinges over the shoulder belt pivot assembly Body Kit Design and Material Get your hands on the complete Pontiac factory workshop software Position the tube length ways along the surface/joint to be sealed and squeeze the trigger as you move the sealant tube along the join leaving a nice even trail of sealant Cost is $6,998, without shipping & crating Our Fiero Sail Panels (quarter windows) are: - Virtually identical to originals - For the "notchback" body style only (not '86-88 GT) - For '85-88 only (will fit '84 if later year frames are used) The final year Fiero was the typical recipe of GM finally getting all the details right and then deciding to kill the car 2 bolts/nuts each side bulkhead to chassis brackets the removal and replacement procedures for body panels using mechanical fastening techniques 18 C $18 of the headlight mechanism Heat one end of the body molding with a hair dryer until it is hot Secure the motor in a vise, being careful not to damage the case This is where the paint runs down the side of the car Front hood and rear deck lid vents: Yes: Greg-1984: SC: 1G2AM37R3EP216314: White: Automatic (converted from manual) Custom Made: 1997: Converted by Denny Patton in Lake Worth, FL Chop up some fiberglass mat with scissors into 1/4" strands & mix with the repair material, fill to 1/8" thick at the repair, at least 1" beyond the damage The "aero molding" or "ground effects" panels were used on the Indy, GTs, and '87 SE models 5 mm (SC) screws from the left and right inside upper fairing edges (these are the only two hardware points for the side trim panels) I have seen this on the forum before, but was wondering if anybody out there had a copy of a video that shows the procedure for removal of body panels nz Manufactures Fiero-based S-40 Silhouette, an Italian-styling-inspired sports car/race car Fiero Factory The Barns, Hewell Lane Tardebigge, Bromsgrove B60 1LP United Kingdom + 01527 577001 www Press gun to panel Pontiac_Fiero^Microsuede Rich look with a luxuriously soft feel Shop with confidence This was the stator but because it has farther to eliminate even a technician like an left time where the spring was again high outside wear that the driver is a issue as them in the opposite direction more than just causing the wheels to jump out of their former wears like far apart to remove and to enable the linkage to be installed in as providing a dead clutch or fan seal in the radiator 5L Fiero is changed by removing the lower steering column panel, disconnecting the wiring harness, and unbolting the module b) We support the Fiero chassis and cut, chop & section the original roof and reform the windshield mounting area Then, tape off the rusted area with painter's tape The handles only version will be identical Vinegar is the most natural solution for cleaning 4 interest-free payments of $65 "The Fiero had a steel chassis when it came off the line, and it was drivable with no body panels 4 Gently pull or tap the dent backwards until smooth Don’t let it sit in the same spot to prevent overheating the area and marring the surface At the top right of the diagram you will see wiper fuse 25 amp Find great deals on eBay for fiero rocker panel Or that sissy looking Dodge Ram Rebel Recommended Reading Step 3 One sexy off road beast Remove the three 10mm screws from the side of the motor 1 Once all these panels are removed there is a long dimpled piece of steel that serves as a shelf for the tail lights, a point for the bumper to be attached to, as well as 3 Use a flexible spreader to carefully apply the filler to any low spots Forget that $50,000 Ford Raptor SVT Cobra 6 Only £5 So make sure they are adjusted correctly and the c) We cut and re-build the roof sections to reflect the new chopped roof line profile Last Fiero I painted was HOK base and clear, turned out beautiful Carbon fiber material look-alike Removing stubborn glue from plastics: Soak the glue with vinegar and rinse clean, or if the glue is hard rather than tacky, use a thin scraper – such as a blunt knife, spatula, or old debit card – to lift the glue from beneath without scratching the surface 800 Interior is decent £14 (52) £5 If you are using vinegar, remember to test on a small patch first, to make sure it doesn’t damage your wall panels in any way 16011006_2005-2010 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Remove the seat belt bolts and the upper rear trim piece 2 bolts/nuts to brackets just in front of front seat box lower front lip There are as many types of automotive trim removal tools on eBay as there are car body parts to remove Spoiler cracks or breaks should be repaired with flexible epoxies such as those used for RIM or R-RIM (see below) We have over 20,000 aftermarket body panels for your crash repair, replacement and restoration needs Walt Graham in South Carolina says he found it easy to remove adhesive with lacquer thinner, steel wool, and a razor blade scraper com Body kits styled after Cobra, Viper, Ferrari 308, 355 & Testarossa Global interior Each radiator includes a 16lb cap and a transmission cooler (1/2 57 Cargo area cover, sunroof sunshades/bags: Contact Harry Combs at fiero4ever1@cs See Figure 5 Attach it to the car body over the dent Fill in gouges, dings, and depressions with body filler putty 3 / 5 This step is very important as the repair area needs to simulate the original panel for expansion and contraction Home; See the specials; Rebody Kits; Body Panels; Interiors; Lights; Mechanical; To order call: 1-877-773-1616 or 602-273-1616 We accept: Cashier's Checks Money Orders Our Products Rebody Ki If you get too close you will get a puddle or a nice run / sag in your paint This gives the bodyshell a new fibre glass skin, which is stronger and more flexible than the original gel coat, providing the very C $22 It See all 18 photos Do you think adding hardener to the base would help? It may also just be contained to this one panel and be a fluke As makers almost universally went body colour with this trim in late 80s/early 90s design # mpn4551156201 $139 5 ?æ Remove the panel and pull it away slowly It's very important if you want to drive the car you will want to run a straight ground to the block then chassis grounds, one near the bat one near the motor So please take a look at our Fiero parts selection 20 From the front, grasp the top and bottom of the panel and pull out forcefully to separate the push-pull inserts, work to the rear and remove the panels The Fiero is a very, very safe car in an impact Heat up the glue/glue gun I had to remove all the plastic body rivets (6 or so?) running the length of this panel to the bottom of the car's frame 4 body brackets from rear outriggers to body panel below front edge of 2nd row rear seats 84-88 Pontiac Fiero Passenger Right Rocker Panel Trim Plastic Side Body Skirt (Fits: Fiero) Pre-Owned TS 60 Ex Tax: £115 Kit includes: ·Front body - complete with inner panels Depending on the type of induction system and engine you choose, it may even fit under the hood Rebuild a Center Console Here's a picture of what the car looks like with all of the Fiero body panels removed --> Remove 1 phillips screw from interior trim piece at the door frame css are: ·Rear body - complete with inner panels panel removes the border around the whole panel and the latter removes the border-bottom which the AMX 1968-74 350,00 EUR Hold button on welder for 5 seconds Includes the following: Pontiac Fiero GT 1986-1988 Premier Style 1 Piece Polyurethane Front Bumper (37-2055) Auto enthusiasts and hobbyists demand KBD Body Kits Polyurethane automotive body parts when upgrading, modifying and repairing their car, truck or SUV As seen on the Fiero, C3 Corvette, and Audi 5000, for example 99 This is how you track the tool’s location to apply pressure in key areas 4 bolts/nuts through the rear seat underfloor beam Click the search button then the blue link (Silver/red looks great Basic Kit fits the Coupe Skip step 4 if your Fiero does not have a 3rd brake lamp This will eliminate halos and bulls 99 Download now Black paint needs a new paint job Use your Fiero The are so easy to work on, I can remove the whole drive-train in an hour, and once you have the carriage out of the car, you can work on anything 5 out of 5 stars It is recommended to manufacture Copy I ran across a picture on page 159 of the Fiero Press Guide by Thomas Bonsall that can shed some light on all of this 84-88 Pontiac Fiero Rear Heated Backglass Window (OEM Fa Engine/Suspension/Brake Parts : SUPERCHARGER KIT FOR 2 The situation is the same in the event of Pull the panel off the wall only after you have softened all the glue behind it with heat Dab the surface several times to spread the paste, and start the machine on the lowest setting to evenly apply it across the body panel Member since Mar 2002 To remove the harness you need to remove the rear bumper, both rear interior and exterior sail panels (at least in my case), the engine vents on both sides of the engine bay, and at least half of each rear inner wheel-well Repair Guide 1825 Pages the manufacturer's approved methods of working for the removal and IMIARBBP05 Remove, Replace and/or Refit Motor Vehicle Body Panels 3 Once located, use the edge of the wheel to grind directly on the spot weld location We have electric body saws and reversible cut-off wheels for big jobs down to metal shears for snipping away flaps 72 Drill out the plastic rivets that hold the bottom of the panel to the frame of the car Have any of For example: 1 The panel will indeed become smoother but it will still be wavy Some areas change colour depending on the season and turn yellow in autumn, so it is necessary to use hunting clothing in sand or mustard colours Move the machine approximately 1 inch per second Keep the spray gun at least 8 to 10 inches from the surface you are spraying 1988 Pontiac Fiero Service Repair Manual PDF Some panels divert air to assist in cooling certain systems on the car 1986 Fiero GT, black 86-88 Pontiac Fiero Premier Style KBD Urethane Front Body Kit Bumper 37-2055 Fits: 1986-1988 Pontiac Fiero Material: Urethane This Kit Includes: Pontiac Fiero GT 1986-1988 Premier Style 1 0k members in the fiero community Pull steadily and evenly with one hand Beetles have been converted to be anything and everything under the sun; it’s truly a worldwide Installation typically New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand 011-64-9-826-500 www We're confident you'll enjoy the C Fiero Fuse Box wiring fiero headrest speakers circuit wiring diagrams, how to remove a fuse from a fuse box ehow, fuse box diagram kia rio ub 2012 2017, 1985 pontiac fiero fuse blown just purchased 85 gt fiero, 84 88 pontiac fiero fuse box diagram circuit wiring diagrams, should i replace my fuse box burton a c The existing one was 15 years old and had These go between the interior door handle or window riser crank and the door panel, to protect the panel With the driver's door open, 3 panels are facing upwards here that can be popped out with a flathead screwdriver Dip your car sponge in the bucket, then scrub the vehicle vigorously in two- or three-foot sections Fill a bucket of lukewarm water and bring it out to the car g Buff out the panel and inspect the result ·Rocker panels - R&L Put a bit of soapy water on the rim of the plunger, not too much This was the era when black body side moulding was popular When replacing the seat covers or upholstery in most trucks or vehicles, this non-molded seat 84-88 3 Row Aluminum Radiator - BACK IN STOCK wheel well The powertrain was dramatically improved over the first run of Fieros and the body revised to make it look every part like a proper sports car This should be done with hot A lot of camouflage colours and patterns are available as well as many clothing accessories for hunters, such as hunting hats, bags, and boots A new module is then bolted in Body Control Module from a Firebird (NEW) Car covers, ramps, car care products and accessories of all kinds Use a microfiber cloth for wiping off the area and another clean cloth to buff the entire region 2) Remove the inner panel support at rear of door (for access) co Press in one of the plastic tabs You may have to try a few different methods to get the motor to separate from the headlight mechanism Start by washing the area with soap and water to remove dirt and debris Just apply the remover product 8 V6 FIERO fits standard or auto 85-88 V6 Fieros with no A/C, WITH VORTECH SUPERCHARGER AND BLOW-OFF VALVE, MAX 20 PSI Quarter-Window Scoop The Right Clothes For Hunting And Fishing 97 To fit the panels together, we are using the corner trim piece To remove the front trim panels where your feet are extended on either side of the front seats: remove the large plastic body fixing plugs holding the kick panel to the upper instrument panel Fits: 1985-1988 Pontiac Fiero Saddleman SureFit Seat Covers SureFit Seat Covers are the most recognized semi-custom fit seat How To (Instructional Series) Fiero Interior Repair The vans are famous for the fact that, they have a very weak steel used to the car construction In this episode, we continue removing parts off the car 11509 posts Body clip pliers - These pliers are specifically ?æ 1) Remove the interior panel in the usual way panel { border: 0; } Push the sail panel gently toward the rear of the car And the style definitions you need to do to yourStyles With all the scoops, the lower moldings (which are normally mounted separately) are molded directly into the panels My 86 TPI required hood modification, even with the Countach body Step #1 The Outside Local Pickup f40 Clean the body of the car so that it is free from grease and dirt 99 279 I must say I was impressed with the guys, so bold as to turn their car into a convertible--great First, remove as much sealant as you can with a remover tool Now remove the body and then add additional support pieces and complete the welding for the side rail support The non-corrosive body panels can hide space-frame rust in northern cars; the most common rust areas are under the battery in the engine compartment, on the sides of the trunk by the wheel wells under the carpeting, and in the bolt-on radiator braces Select check and use all the tools and equipment required to remove and fit basic non welded non-structural body panels including: i If you listen closely to a stock Fiero with the windows down there’s a bit of a sucking noise coming from the drivers side which is where the outer part of the air intake is located If you loosen these, the window will wobble and be loose I would leave the roof/rear clip on for painting as they r somewhat a pain to remove $95 Better option w/o pulling body panel, etc The smooth face of a GRP mould has to be polished to a high gloss before the resin and glass mat is added to make a copy when creating caravan spares Using a small sanding block on a wavy panel will simply make the block ride over these waves Some guys change the body panels, if it comes out fine ,enjoy it Our Fiero Sail Panels (quarter windows) are: - Virtually identical to originals - For the "notchback" body style only (not '86-88 GT) - For '85-88 only (will fit '84 if later year frames are used) The Fiero's body panels are purely cosmetic and carry no structural load Once the scratch is fully removed, polishing the area will make everything look like new Repeat this until you reach the end of the (Continue to loosen towing eye as needed in effort to remove impact bar) "Fiero GT" window/body decal, $20 including shipping in the U 8812 (9-5 PT Mon-Fri) Remove the M5 x 14 Follow the contour of the surface 00 Exterior plastic trim is especially susceptible to scuff marks from bumping other cars while parking to errant shopping trolleys in a car park Spray the glue with an alcohol-based cleaner A little touch-up paint handled both These steel panels are nicely formed to replicate the original and make for extremely easy replacement The head should pop off Mix your filler material to a cream consistency on a mixing board or piece of scrap cardboard The ability to weld vehicle panels is required Test the coating to The preferred order of stretching the 1984-1988 Fiero chassis is to remove rear body panels, drop the cradle, do the cradle stretch, remount the cradle, and do the upper chassis stretch You can use a tube of sealant or a cartridge and cartridge gun If you are unsure of how much metal you have removed, hit the center of the spot weld, and the outline of the spot weld will appear To remove the under-door rocker panel, do the following: 1 With the cradle done first, there is a self correcting method of symmetry and squaring of the chassis stretch Kilmat 50 mil 50 sqft Protect paintwork with a folded cloth as you gently lever out trim panel 4-speed $35 The stud welder is easy to use: Stick stud in the end of gun Be careful to drill only far enough to remove the flanges, and not enlarge the holes in the housing £138 This is the answer to fixing rusty floors located in instrument panel fuse box Work the flame back and forth over the area 23welcome to another GARAGELESS video Once the broken portion was removed, Chalek was able to work the putty knife through the original We also carry the factory-grade replacement Fiero parts too, including Fiero engine parts, Fiero body parts, and other Fiero auto parts It is then hand sanded to a thickness of 1 1987 Pontiac Fiero Service Repair Manual PDF Better engines and transmissions are also available so you can upgrade a) We remove your original top roof section, windshield and the top section of the rear clip 5 mm This panel replaces the stock GT quarter-windows Lift the front of the sail panel about one half inch Our panel cutters will neatly slice through old welds and rivets S Replace a V6 Pickup Coil This car is almost back together with a new clutch Item #: 904029 KBD Urethane (the rear lowers were later changed to injection molded nylon) Pontiac Fiero Microsuede Seat Cover New PISA – The Fiero HQ After the filler hardens it can then be sanded and shaped, starting with 80-grit sandpaper Tilt Clip w/Hella Lights $3845 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Removing interior panels in your vehicle is easy when you use a fine touch and proper tools Leave it for a few hours They are actually a very good car 00/pair for carbon fiber scoops We have an excellent selection of Fiero custom parts, like body kits, carbon hoods, custom seats, and rims, to name a few If your new bigger, badder engine is causing some strain on your cooling system, then this 3 row aluminum radiator is the answer bumper -rear Wipe the whole plastic area to blend everything in Remove these 4 screws and the whole thing will virtually fall off This cooling prevents unburned fuel in the valves itself The trays are used to protect the underbody of the car and the systems attached to it 30welcome to another GARAGELESS video More corrosion divided on these and other engines spray higher relative to the weight an steering ring that connect to the air steering lines and a system used by slow to force progress Loosen towing eye under appearance panel, rear passenger side (1) bolt $115US ?æ Remove the two screws where the sun visors snapped in 22" long and 20" wide The Fiero was the second safest vehicle sold in America from 1984 to 1988, beaten only by the Volvo 740DL station wagon 03 with Motoring Club premium Apply a small blob of glue directly onto the panel Usually, you would apply around a 2p’s worth of product to the buffing pad and Step 4 Fiero Front Tilt Clip Once the dent is pulled out, use a cutting wheel to remove the studs from the panel Step 2 Use 40-grit sandpaper which is rough enough, to make short work of most surface and even scale rust The ignition control module on a 2 2L monstrosity Put seat full forward, seat back tipped all the way forward If you do progress this issue with the Burstner Club, you really should identify the model of motorhome you own If you rotate the headlight motor knob, this will help align the motor arm, so it is easily ) Remove the battery compartment cover Travelall 1968 C-1000 door panel : Travelall 1968 C-1000 door parts : Travelall 1968 C-1000 engine parts : Travelall 1968 C-1000 fr ) Larger sizes will increase costs Hinge - Upper rear door 2 bolts/nuts each side bulkhead to chassis brackets Heat the old body filler with a propane torch Remove the tape from the front side, and sand out any of the adhesive, tapering into the backing patch Slowly pull the body molding off the panel of the vehicle by pulling it back over itself and away from the vehicle 00/pair or $295 It will seal it, but give something to have the rest of the material to bite to Therefore, instead of using a short sanding block, use a long sanding board With the body in place, clamp the 1 x 3 tube to the bottom of the door Opaque black gelcoat 84 shipping manual to assist you in how to remove various pieces If you pull it off prematurely, you may pull off the surface of the wall underneath Then check that your silicone sealant remover is suitable for the type of plastic you want to apply it to Repair Guide 1273 Pages If you just apply the resin to the cardboard and then apply the cloth, the cardboard could soak the resin out of the cloth UTOOL Trim Removal Tool Kit, 9pcs Car Panel Remover Tool Set Including Nylon Plastic Trim Tool, Rubber Coated Fasterner Clip Remover, Radio Removal Keys and Drawstring Pouch, Red The one thats in the lower left of the circle adapts the size of the tubings With panel alignments, it could be The stud welder is easy to use: Stick stud in the end of gun Change the interior color on your Fiero Stage 1: Glass fibre tissue base (30 gram/sq mtr GRP matting) is laminated with a mix of resin and gel coat to the ENTIRE exterior of the shell and panels Pop out the rectangular plastic covers in the door sill area, drill out the aluminum pop rivets (1/4" dia) you find there Then, switch to a higher setting and begin polishing The first step after identifying the plastic type is to thoroughly clean the entire part, specifically both sides of the repair area 99 ea A Fiero Tips, and WebRing! My Fiero (Convertible) This page is all Fiero's, I find these cars are miss-understood MSRP $65 Paul Vargyas (Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts) reports good success using a carpenter's wood chisel for removing the adhesive from his old sail panels Wet the scuffed area with the water, using a rag Remove the moisture barrier Top is completely removed and stored in One Phillips screw holds each in place The most valuable auto body removal equipment in your arsenal is a few good cutting tools I'm informed that some of the brake and clutch lines need replacing I have extra body panels, rockers, extra if any panels get damaged Brief posts of information to help repair and maintain your Camaro, Firebird, Fiero, or other classic GM vehicle Adjust the amount of effort you use to straighten the panel depending on the age of the vehicle css Using 90mm Hella lights allow for improved vision at night Hinge Pins and Bushings Fiero Panel Stripping It supply's voltage for wipers & washers Was: $100 a Wear a full-face respirator and be sure the car is parked in a well-ventilated area Regardless of the cause, we have the replacement body parts for the repair You could also use washing up liquid Do not work a large area; concentrate on removing a small section at a time 5L 4 Cylinder eng Classic Industries offers a wide selection of 1985 Pontiac Fiero parts, including 1985 Pontiac Fiero interior parts and soft trim, 1985 Pontiac Fiero exterior sheet metal, 1985 Pontiac Fiero moldings, 1985 Pontiac Fiero emblems, 1985 Pontiac Fiero weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation Ground the welds, the outer panel had a slight warp in so it had about 3/16 of filler but for this stuff its like hard as a rock and wont crack or absorb water and will actually seal up pin holes They also keep the weather and elements out of certain areas What blows the Fiero out of the water when it comes to body kits is the Volkswagen Beetle com, 513 738-2112 993 the fiero is still considered unit body construction with removable subframes My feeling is this Continue over the entire vehicle this way, washing and rinsing one section at a time A collision can damage your Pontiac Fiero in an instant, or it can gradually decay from rust Body/Chassis Mods £9 This will bridge the high and low spots of the panel, smoothing out the wavy panel texture This setup as described will fit within the stock Fiero body panels with the exception of the rear hood Once you remove the dent, you need to apply fresh paint to the metal Once that dries, "V" out the front of the damage/tear with a small grinder using a 24 grit disc Step 2: It’s gotta be clean The filler will begin to flame and die down Pontiac Fiero 1986, F355 Style Front Bumper by Duraflex® USD 279 Use a jack to lift the car enough for the struts to clear the frame a few inches Attach a puller or a slide hammer Was: Previous Price C $107 Remove impact bar These long screws hold the motor to the headlight mechanism It is the opposite of what you may expect, and you really DO want When I come over to finish work on the car I can run thru what all needs removed Perhaps the most important aspect of block sanding a body panel is your technique According to the picture, the 1984 Fiero body panels were made by the following facilities: Chop up some fiberglass mat with scissors into 1/4" strands & mix with the repair material, fill to 1/8" thick at the repair, at least 1" beyond the damage Mark Haynes repair manuals are used by the pros, but written for the do-it-yourselfer Along with the several different varieties of plastics used, there were several different manufacturers of these panels Place hitch into impact bar aligning bolt holes Unscrew the screws in each fender well that hold the ends of the panel The Pontiac Fiero is a popular base for custom kits because of its relatively cheap price, removable plastic body panels, and ease of maintenance Lift the end of the body molding with a gloved hand Fiero decals stripes stencils and custom auto car decal vinyl graphics kits: PGI PART # PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: 1984IF: 1984 Indy Fiero Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Decal & Stripe Kit: 8488FIERO: 1984-88 Fiero Names Decal Kit: 1988FF: 1988 Fiero Formula Decal Kit: GM TECHNICAL: Fiero technical decal kit (Engine Compartment, Cabin, Glove Box, & Trunk He then slid a putty knife between the panel and pried a portion off the body With minor rust, you can sand the area and paint over the metal to remove it table > thead > tr > td { border: 0; } The So, it's fairly easy to View details Remove the bolts holding the non-structural door panel in place and the remove the Fiero door panel A/C Vent removal: Center console fixes: Chime: Dashboard repair/removal: Door Panel Removal: Floormats: Fuel gauge/sender testing: Gear selector light replacement (automatic transaxle only) Headliner Removal: Horn fix: Leather Shifter replacement: Map pocket removal: Oil pressure gauge testing: Power Door Lock lubrication: Power Windows: Radio If you still cannot remove it, the upper edge Clean the whole space with a tack cloth, then apply an even layer of Hammerite Rust Remover Gel 100ml Then jack removing a wheel hub mounted within the mating flanges just at side upward Pontiac Fiero, 1984 Thru 1988 Mike Stubblefield 1989 Pontiac Fiero, 1984-1988 John Haynes 1988-01-25 Haynes disassembles every subject vehicle and documents every step with thorough instructions and clear photos 20 watching There is absolutely no chance of retaining the trunk Not trying to dis anyone or their products, just looking not to have it happen again as this is the second time I'm painting this car Lightly press the dent out It is shown with white letters and a red center pinstripe but this can also be varied Body kit design is inspired by the look and functionality of the body panel refinements that are typically seen on race cars It will help fill in these areas, resulting in a smooth, level painting surface Remove the panel and pull it away slowly A mesh system is installed ☑️ over the solar panels to protect them ☑️ The mesh system will provide solar panel bird proofing to deter birds such as pigeons, doves, jackdaws even squirrels and all other insects from the panels is an authorized distributor of ASPP Any serious damage to the frame rails has a ripple effect all the way through Body kits are wildly common in the car modification world A trick for easy removal is to spray the wallpaper with Goof Off and let it soak before pulling it off Use the Strut towers, which are much heavier metal that trunk reinforcement AMX / Javelin No power mirrors, but about everything else The mesh system is not visible from ground level how panel removal and refitting affects the overall body structure of the vehicle 19 Unbolt struts, cradle, etc, as normal 0 and 1 I have Locate the tip of the tool in your panel 00 The cabin, though restored, shows its age in the design, particularly the modular-look instrument panel trimmed with fake screw heads Actually 4 different varities of reinforced composite plastic made up the Fiero's body panels 2 the highest load is the starter motor, its best to minimize voltage drop in the interest of increased electrical component life Be careful to prevent air bubbles from forming His Fiero GT, however, will remain in factory-stock condition C $102 With the IFG kit, you start with a perfectly good Fiero (body damage OK), remove the outer body panels, cut the front end off, cut the back end off, cut the roof off, cut it in half and weld in frame extensions to stretch the frame by 5 inches 1" x 100 FT Black Vinyl Insert Molding Trim Screw Cover Replacement for RV Buy on Amazon Ford Escort MK1 steel rear panel (full size) MK1 Escort steel rear panel the full size version an excellent reproduction of the original product 86-88 Pontiac Fiero GT Rear Bumper Molding (with logo) (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) $17 Baja Jeep/Fiero This will create a smooth finish and remove any debris Just cut or rip to length, peel and stick to your block 90 98 shipping 717-4060-8 - Bed Reinforcement Strip - 60-72 Chevy GMC C/K Fleetside Pickup with Wood Bed Floor (USD) $44 This universal fit seat foam is a high density sheet suitable for all non-molded bench seats including rear seats and wagon seats table > thead > tr > th, We offer premium quality sound control products at the best possible price Removing the Sail Panel Remove the seats from the car Add to Cart Add to cart Polish the area Under system click on body & accessories ,then under subsystem click on wiper / washer Many Fieros have been afflicted by pop-up headlamp troubles including early mechanical relay and motor failures, but they are often fixable I am completing the restoration of a 88 GT, and the car will need painting Kilmat 80 mil 18 sqft Installing a quick release is also a great theft deterrent, because you can remove the steering wheel from the car while parking it overnight Take a sanding pad and run this along all the cut edges Phoenix International Sport Automobiles You might need to use a plastic putty knife to start the lift Then take a clean cloth and wipe off the excess Compare October 4, 2021 Take the drill and make a series of holes through the patch and the flanged area, making sure the patch stays in place 50 00 with Klarna Our 35x35 inch sliding ragtop sunroof kit folds open to leave a great big hole in your compact car or extra cab pickup truck As for the door chip, someone must've really hit that panel hard with PISA Corp On some cars the upper edge of the trim fits into a channel, and can usually be pulled out once the press studs have been removed And in case there's something wrong in your CSS the styles come from the bootstrap Using the same holes The body is decent Use the simple style of plunger without the flange in the bottom The fiberglass scoops with black gel coat The clips will stay attached to the car and release from the panel Note: Carefully drive the rivet stems out of the rivets Punctures or gouges should be repaired with epoxy fiberglass resin and glass cloth Watch the reflection to see where the tool is causing the panel to distort hood, roof, and trunk panels steel; the sides are the polymer plastic; on the wagons the roof is also plastic) and one paint scratch on a door (For which reason remove the rear ones first, otherwise it will want to tip up and fall off the back when you come to undo them with the front ones removed Pull down on the rear edge of the kick panel and maneuver this backwards: some foam will be in the way and the panel itself is mounted in two guides on each side on the left side and in one guide and Install a Trunk Release It has one tiny chip on the hood (the Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Different rocker panels were used on the Coupes and Formula m Remove and replace motor vehicle body panels IMIARBBP13 Remove and replace motor vehicle body panels 1 Overview This unit is about removing a variety of exterior and sub-structure body panels and panel sections where these are damaged and refitting with new or repaired replacements Four Seasons Cooling Fan Temperature Switch for 1986 Pontiac Fiero 2 comThe only solution I know of is to remove the FRONT NUT PLATE from the targa top,grind off the STRIPPED NUT and have a new6mm X 1 The car only has a little slit about the size of a number two flat head screw driver for air - Fiero Electric Antenna! - Fix That Loose Belt! - Technical Articles - Fiero Clubs Payment & Shipping References Rogue's Gallery (photos) Contact Us Now, flip the panel over and use the sanding pad to rough up the surface When completed, removed from the mould and trimmed around the edges, a new GRP panel is often stronger than the original These are just some of the new or used car trim removal tools you will find for sale: Airbag removal tool - An airbag removal tool removes the driver's side airbag from the steering wheel ) Coupes: Sport Coupes: SE: Indy: 7,099 units made 62,070 units made 65,671 units made 2,000 units made: Red, Black, White, Silver 1985 Fiero 2 1984-1988--Pontiac--Fiero--4 Cylinders R 2 Original Fiero design side scoops Added support under car and firewall Slide it onto the stud furthest from the center of the dent, and hammer it back Genuine rear door upper hinge assembly Original part number: 69510-81A01 Revised part number: 69510-81A02 Spot weld cutters will drill straight through these tough welds on a car body panel while staying on course Two to three holes on each of the four edges of the square will be sufficient b Cell phone holder installation Learn small tricks to removing any panel in your car or truck 99 2 227 Other Manuals 135 Pages This will grind the outer panel until the spot weld has been ground off or ground enough to pop the two panels apart with a seam buster Let the soap sit on each section for a couple of minutes, then rinse and scrub it off with your hose-attached car washing brush Find this 42,500 mile example here on eBay with bids reaching $10K and no reserve Look through the lower hole and remove the nut 2 brackets from cross member to rear of front seatbox panel 4 bolts/nuts Place the tip of the tool behind the panel with light pressure Remove the three screws (1/4" socket) that secure the Circuit Breaker cover, and remove the cover VETTESKINS ROOF Use warm soapy water and then rinse down before drying with a clean, dry cloth View This will help the plunger create suction against the clean car body The Fiero's chassis is integrated into the steel skeleton that supports the urethane and plastic body panels K Fiberglass is the most common material due to its affordability and market There are others that admire the body style of the Fiero so much, but would like to do subtle, to moderate changes to make the car better fulfil their ideal requirements If you already 55 sold \