Loki x thicc reader. 2K 171 13 This is a Fanfiction story of you, the reader and Loki He speaks to you, hoping you’re there when he needs you the most Not taking her fingers from the keyboard, she said “I can’t stop now I’m close to finish!” “No you don’t understand, you have to stop NOW!” “I can’t, Loki!” “Let me heal you “That does happen to some people,” Thor informed me with a smile “You need to stay away from Ultron! Trust me and stay here!” 'I just want you to sing me to sleep daddy “I said no Unwillingly, the gentleness enveloped him, momentarily silencing the “FINE!” Loki yelled finally, after you’d been tickling him for a while, Literature Text So you and Nat decide to test that theory at a haunted house Thor was always flirting with you but you were able to resist him until that night "C'mon, (y/n) Warnings: none for this one, but there will be some on part two Today, there were no missions, no bloodshed of any kind and most importantly, no swarms of monsters we had to face Pairing: Loki x Reader, Soulmates AU What Hurts the Most (Loki x Reader) Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood Content warnings: Loki being a bit clueless (not an outright dick, mind you), insecure reader kind of rusty writing? Tag list: @agent-barnes40 Frigga was safe with Jane, running In this book, you will have a variety of different stories with Loki of Asgard You don’t have to but I really like your Loki one shots A furious, inebriated Michael stood in front of you, holding his knife in the air, “You ” he said while gasping for breath, trying to hide his sobs It was the day of Thor’s coronation, the ‘Most important day’ in my brother’s life, as he dramatactly called it The guards leave the room immediately in search of the girl Loki wanted at such urge Word Count: 528 4M 90 3K 95 You've been living unhappily with your foster parents and hiding your magical abilities for years, until one day Thor accidentally throws a bus at your head and you get Summary: Loki is greatly amused by the cat version of (Y/N) Y/N chewed on a stray piece of chocolate while Thor was continuously stuffing his face with cookies, raising his brows with a shrug of his shoulders However, Loki comes back a little less than okay and (Y/N) quickly realises she’s the only one who can help him In all honesty, Loki was rather surprised at the lack of security at the tower when the rest of the Avengers were sent on a You were using the power of illusion that you had used, hiding behind a pillar and hoping The harsh winds of the indigo night carried over the depressive showers, and while the booming sounds of thunder made the Asgardian grimace, the falling precipitation that accompanied it offered him a soft comfort that came from the innermost part of his heart ” Loki x Reader - The Ghost of You That tony knew wasent the problem it was the looks he would give her whenever he was in the room and loki was there Everybody knows, too, because he just keeps turning her into one They’re actually kindawell possessive here, which isn’t too bad lol Thor/Loki x Sister!Reader A/N: This is during a deleted scene from the first Thor movie Thank you! Loki’s arms tightened around your fragile body “We have a ship coming in, but until then-” It felt like your everything was throbbing “Loki’s being weird Summary: After failing to deliver the Tesseract, Loki has been living in fear that Thanos will one day find him again and seek revenge “I don’t have a choice Loki smiled and shook his head "no my dear" you knelt down and shook him "Loki you can't die, I won't allow you to end up like me" your voice faltered off, Loki smiled tears sprinting in his eyes "don't you see (y/n)! If I die we can be together!" You looked at the god dumb founded you had been so worried of who Loki was leaving behind that you Summary: Loki has been miserable since you passed away Prompt: Bury A Friend - Billie Eilis Chapter 7 - Furniture 1599401301 I hope you enjoy reading, everyone! Requests are closed You little-“ You can see him at all time, but he can’t see or hear you Chapter 9 - Trash talk “She will be a great mother someday, brother,” Thor said “He’s always being weird, Natasha Warnings: Major character death - Truly sorry Thor and Y/N sat in the lounge chairs, smiling to themselves as the two stared at Loki who still was laying on the floor ” your fingers moved to cover his mouth loki, lokixreader, mcuimagine ’ & the reader totally Some Bloodhound x Reader The reader here is gender-neutral It wasn’t until a year after Loki’s residence at the tower that he began to court you Loki said as you and Nat were He finally snap at your What was meant as a joking comment cut deep Loki yelled, shoving me in a corner, away from the heart of the battle Loki commands angrily, toying with the fingers of his right hand nervous and impatiently you walked over to him with the tiniest bit of hope that he actually liked you Part 2 will be significantly longer than Part 1 Loki x Child Reader: For Daddy You have been missing ever since Loki My legs turned to jelly when we landed in the bifrost ~*~ (F/n) had apparently been crying for hours, and Loki wouldn't stand for it Immediately, the cramping kicked in, and you were groaning in pain ” Wanda Maximoff Pairing: Loki (Avengers) x Reader You cheated on your boyfriend and the worst part was that it was with his brother Jeff approached you with a smirk as he saw you dancing , you met his eyes and he motioned you over , you pointed at yourself and he nodded Missed You Requested by Anonymous: Wonderful writer, may i request a Loki x Reader where reader is part of the friend group of the Avengers & gets stuck with Thor and Loki when on Midgard & then Thor x Reader land on Sakar & are being brought to the Grandmaster, Loki is completely playing him ‘That’s my wife, could you possibly unhand her Both parts of this Word count: 3 You closed your eyes and breathed in his musky scent Notes: This will be a 3-Part mini series lokifanfic, lokisarmy, lok Unbeknownst to you, Loki returned your feelings of affection towards him Loki’s eyes widened “They knew we were coming” looking to Wanda, clearly too much into the computer to hear anything, you yelled “Wanda stop!” Chapter 6 - Hexing He fell to the ground in seconds Loki x Reader - Thanos controls You Warnings: The gods being big babies, fluff, funny He had promised Jane that he would talk to the child, and for once there had been no “No, let me fight! I’m handling myself fine!” He could hear her whimpering on the other side of the door Chapter 12 - Get dry Your eyes widened as you took a step back “Oh, god,” I grunted as I fell to the ground, breaking my fall with my forearm Chapter 8 - Gaming Suddenly, a silver knife was driven through his chest Trust was still thinner than ice between the Asgardian and the rest of the Avengers “No The askbox shall remain open for questions only This message is edited on the 25th of December 2020, and until further notice this RP-rule applies indefinitely a/n: I hope this don’t suck A shiver runs down her spine at his words, and she shudders as he runs one finger slowly up her back, “You know exactly what you’re doing He bans Her from seeing Loki but he sneaks into her room at night and just fluff They knew how Loki was when he was mad and impatient, and they knew who was the girl that could soothe him He was the only one who wasn’t allowed to come – on this mission or any mission for that matter Shri Thakur Surinder Pratap Ji Nirman Diwas September 10, 2020 Requested by Abigator (AO3): I was wondering if you could do a Loki x reader where the reader is mortal, but has powers that cause mayhem where ever she goes Chapter 4 - Unfinished business Originally posted by holisticfansstuff Everywhere you went, Loki was hot on your heels, attempting to talk you out of the mission as you packed your bag “I wish I could give you a rational answer to that, Loki, but I fear I cannot” Y/N replied silently and smiled, “But I’m fine with not gaining anything but your trust She is supposed to take the place of the princess and pretend to be Leila until she finds a way out of the marriage Now, off you go and continue with your day! Loki Thor did a double take then quickly bent down to help me up He shouted desperately Loki’s chest clenched Summary: Thor and Loki claim that Halloween doesn’t scare them Sneering with his face close to yours “Am I causing you problems dear?” He whispers in her ear, making the hair on her neck stand on end “Thanks,” I muttered, grasping to his freakishly large arms Loki asked quietly, turning Y/N’s head in his direction And having so much to say Mayhem (Loki X Enhanced!Reader) Summary: (Y/N)’s powers flare out of control again and nearly kill a group of people His expression is severe and cold Adventure Marvel X Reader Various X Reader Action Humor Natasha Romanoff X Reader Steve Rogers X Reader Read Loki X Reader: Confessions (One-Shot!) from the story Loki One-Shots! by mind-wolf (PLEASE READ LATEST POST!) with 1,469 reads ' Chapter 5 - Snake bite But who is she? The played princess or the simple maid? Loki grins as he slowly makes his way behind her, hands coming to rest gently on the back of her chair Prompt: “ Loki tells Reader about his little blue problem Steve replied, not looking up from the Chapter 11 - Birth planet based off: Loki x Reader who are dating in secret but one of the avengers finally decides to figure out where he’s sneaking off to at night and discovered them?? words: 904 Originally posted by loptrlaufey Peter Parker X Reader Thor X Reader Loki X Reader Marvel “You can’t leave me " Summary: Would You write a thing where The reader is Tony’s twin and has been dating Loki in secret for a few months The soft swish of leather as his long coat brushed over his pants with every measured step should not have caused a shudder of fear, nor his voice, low and gentle and intimate as a caress, set the heart to pounding, nor should a broken whine pass bruised lips at his words, sweet as honey and Title: Nothing Scares a Trickster I have no room for new RPs ” The blonde man laughed aloud and gave Loki a brotherly pat on his shoulder Rolling on to your back, you gripped your scepter hand to your chest and bent your sore legs Loki x reader with pale skin who’s insecure about it He noticed in summer when you wore long sleeves instead of short and stayed inside "Are you serious!?" First off have you looked at him!? Loki is as pale as an albino snake Speaking of, he will turn into one and warp himself around you and say how pretty you both look Loki (Marvel) Reader Fluff Smut In later chapters - Freeform Angst Maid Leila is the maid of the princess of Alfheim, but when she is to marry Prince Loki, her life changes “ hi , ” you smiled awkwardly , “ so , you motioned me over ? ” Word Count: 461 I wouldn’t mind a completely yan Bloodhound, but they’re not the OTP here Loki instantly dissolved into a puddle of laughter and he tried to curl into himself however this didn’t work well due to the fact you were sitting on him and hold his arms above his head ” you croaked If you have any questions, you can send my Admin a chat “I don’t understand this holiday of Halloween Thor and Odin know but they won't tell you either So hard till your head hurts Stark will be mad at you for being late again Someday “Don’t mess it up Read Loki x reader | Why from the story Loki One-shots by Nope_Revolution with 3,212 reads You were one of the first to find out about Loki taking Odin’s place, and you had kept quiet so far warnings: a bad word You felt someone grab your hand gently "G-good night daddy!" You shrieked and ran out of the room You were sitting on the coach crying about Loki’s disappearance and Thor came and hugged you Warnings: angst, mentions of torture, mind-control, fighting, choking, blood and gore, more angst (it’s a lot ok) Word Count: 5,8K “ yeah , ” he said with confidence This time, someone happens to be looking for her that can help I didn’t make BH too sweet, sorry As his body crumpled to the ground, Loki was revealed to be standing behind him, absolutely furious Title: What Hurts the Most YOOO this had been a drabble where Rev was just jelly of Bloodhound Her small voice making her despair-ridden cries all the more disheartening After Loki came to carry out his punishment at the Avengers tower, you slowly started to fall in love with him Completed buckybarnes natasharomanoff theavengers +19 more # 5 Toxic (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) by Fan Base 4 Loki x reader with pale skin who’s insecure about it He noticed in summer when you wore long sleeves instead of short and stayed inside "Are you serious!?" First off have you looked at him!? Loki is as pale as an albino snake Speaking of, he will turn into one and warp himself around you and say how pretty you both look “Nooo,” Loki squealed as you started to tickle under his arms You have loved Loki since you were kids, Thor your best friend knows how you feel about his brother When he does so yet again to keep her from going to a mission, she is at the end of her patience “I wouldn’t make fun of your height, Y/N Meant To Be (Loki x reader) by lokiedokiee 2 You were one of Loki’s friends from childhood, and you had never found Odin to be the most likable ruler or father You cried in your room 6k Originally posted by imagine-warlock I retorted, standing up, pushing his arms away Don’t mess it up With sparkling eyes you approached Loki together with Eira, who was awake by now “You’ve gained that a long time ago Chapter 10 - Forgiveness Originally posted by accio-fan-fiction Nevertheless, you try to reach out to him from the other side, hoping one day he can notice you again The door caved in, toppling over the little box With a wave of his hand, Loki had you falling to your face, your legs too tired to hold you up “ (Name)--,” Summary: What hurts the most, was being so close Tony walks in on them making out or doing whatever and he gets hella mad about it Loki X male reader smut non com Loki Dom, reader sub 0 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works We have to hurry or Mr Does Loki love you back? Is it right to love Loki? Loki has a secret that he is trying to hide from you Word Count : 3559 You and Loki had been dating for almost 2 years now Some/ light Valk x Reader Summary: Soulmates were a gift to Asgard from the goddess Frigga, and her greatest gift was for her son Loki You looked up and your eyes met However Yn doged Loki for the fourth time today, she had been avoiding him the last week out of shyness, ever since Tony had realised the crush she had on the sorcerer